Camel Crop






Forever 21 pants (similar here), top (similar here), shoes (similar here)

Simple and sleek is the name of the game. Probably my favourite type of outfit to wear out and definitely the most comfy, leather joggers are actually a heaven-sent article of clothing…anti-constrictive, insanely versatile, and make any outfit look 10x cooler. Thanks Yeezy. ALSO: Crop tops are a year-round staple. Heh. I’ll stop when I’m 25, 26 max…promise.





Life begins when you step out of your comfort zone. This past little while has been a testament to this for me – I moved out of my house in the ‘burbs, made a decision to do freelance work rather than getting a standard 9 to 5 (a.k.a forgoing financial stability), and took a chance on a guy I knew could easily hurt me. And while I’m not going to lie, it is no doubt VERY scary not knowing what’s going to happen next…I know it’s worth it. Some truly amazing things have blossomed from this path I have chosen, and something tells me there are more to come.

If you read my blog regularly, you’ll know that I’m working on a pretty cool project called #smartset1P10S with 9 other bloggers over the next few months. The name of the game – each girl is to style Smart Set’s pre-chosen “piece of the month”, putting their signature twist on it. And while I can never say no to a challenge, I have to admit, this month’s item of the month was definitely something out of my comfort zone – my CLOTHING comfort zone, which I rarely step out of. A tulle skirt? HOW would I do this? It definitely freaked me out significantly. But you know what – after completing this challenge, I’ve made a pact with myself to do this type of thing more often. Seriously, I encourage you to pick up an item you normally would never reach for, as strange as it may feel, and put your full efforts into styling it. If you’re anything like me and reach for the same pieces over and over again, this will probably be a welcome change and open your eyes up to new styles, textures, colours, etc. So if tulle isn’t your thing (or even if it is) I encourage you to pop into Smart Set and pick up this skirt, or any other piece you wouldn’t normally wear for that matter, and step out of your comfort zone. Who knows…you might even make something beautiful ;)

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You know when you get so comfortable in life, like you’re just sailing along…then, all of a sudden, a hurricane comes out of nowhere and flips your world upside down? What started as the week from hell for me has mellowed out into a “calm after the storm” type situation. So, needless to say, I’m reaching for my creature comforts in my outfits lately – a.k.a leather joggers, sweatshirts, backpacks, and of course black and white. To expand…things haven’t really been going my way lately (as is life, I guess), but I’ve come to realize that things can always be worse. It’s all about perspective and how you respond to the challenges you’re faced with – you can sulk in a corner and dwell in your negative emotions or you can better yourself and actually get something from the situation. Seriously…when life hands you lemons – make a damn lemon meringue pie!

coat: Forever 21 (here) bag: Forever 21 (here) shoes: Tony Bianco (similar here) sweatshirt: Aritzia (similar here) pants: Forever 21 (similar here)

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Stripes and Pencils

You know when you see something you like and it just somehow automatically archives itself into your brain without you even realizing it…only to be remembered the next time something triggers the image for you? It’s like a weird selective photographic memory, and it happened with this striped button up – I can’t tell you where I saw it (probably through my merciless Instagram creeping) but I can tell you about the look, which was simply a striped button-up, halfway buttoned, worn with a pencil skirt. It popped into my mind the second I saw the shirt hanging on the rack and I had to recreate the dressed-up-yet-slightly-disheveled vibe. Stripes are usually a big no for me for many reasons – too loud, too obnoxious, to nautical, blah blah blah. But something about thin, vertical lines works for me because its still subtle and minimal.

Also – I just joined a new platform called Fitbay and I’m dying to tell you about it (!) If you know me personally or follow me via social media, you’d know that I have a rather…errr…*healthy* backside. And hey, while I love the junk in my trunk, it does pose a problem clothes-fitting wise. Ordering pants online is pretty much a nightmare that I avoid at all costs. That’s where Fitbay comes in – it’s basically a “fit-sharing” online community that helps us online shoppers find the right size by connecting us to people of similar height, weight and proportions. And the more people join in, the better, because recommendations are based on other users who have a similar body to your own. Oh, and the tool is free forever…no strings attached. So all you big booty bishes (or basically anyone that doesn’t have a mannequin body lol), come join the community with me! My profile here.

clutch: Nine West (here) shoes: Nine West (here) skirt: Nastygal (here) top: Forever 21 (here) hat: H&M  (similar here)

photos: Denver Rodrigues


World MasterCard Fashion Week Spring 2015 Highlights

World MasterCard Fashion Week Spring 2015, held here in Toronto, signalled the dawn of a new era of Canadian fashion for me. Sorry if that sounds super dramatic and *LIVE BREATHE DIE FASHION*, but I was really in awe at the fact that it was the young talent that really blew me away this season. I have been a Sid Neigum fan for a long time now (read about his last collection here), so watching him win the Mercedes Benz Start Up Award was pretty great. I was also impressed with what newbies Hayley Elsaesser and Som Kong brought to the table for their first showing.

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Grey Days

Whew! Fashion week is over. Let me just say…it’s been um…a week no doubt and I am super grateful to get the chance to slink back into comfy outfits like this (and also to eat proper meals rather than bags of nuts from gift bags and coffee LOL). I’m gonna take this chance to introduce a cool new project I have on the go with Smart Set - It’s called 1 Piece 10 Styles, and the concept is simple: 10 girls with different styles, ages, etc. (all with a passion for fashion – duh!) create a look every month focused around the same article of clothing. So essentially, each month I’ll be doing an outfit post focused on styling their “Piece of the Month” along with 9 other bloggers. This month, it’s their ¾ sleeve cardigan – and I looove how versatile and comfy it is. Honestly, my whole wardrobe is basically comprised of anything that falls into this category so it’s obviously a staple piece for me! You can dress it up or down, layer it, or even tie it around your waist for a cool, effortless look…A fall must-have for sure. So yeah, uhhhh…what chu waiting for? Pop into Smartset and snag one for yourself! There’s tons of variations on colours and prints - I was stuck between this one and a speckled black and white one – so I’m sure you’ll fine the perfect version for you ;) Also – make sure you check out the other bloggers’ looks! I’ve included links to all of their blogs at the end of this post…I hope you’ll follow along for the next little while to see what myself and the 9 other lovely ladies manage to come up with.

p.s. You can also creep the hashtag #smartset1p10s for an Insta-fix!

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Power Woman




I remember the first time I saw Caitlin Power‘s stuff. It was during my first fashion week in Toronto, ever. I distinctly remember being all starry-eyed at her amazing usage of patent leather in her gorgeous, structured pieces. Two years later and now I’m wearing one of those pieces I so greatly admired to that same fashion week! Unironically, Caitlin has an uncanny understanding of today’s power woman. Her classic pieces – with their unique and edgy twist - really reflect a modern version of her.

This particular coat is from a past collection, but check out what’s available now here.

coat: Caitlin Power shoes: Alexander Wang (similar here) sweater: Zara bag: Givenchy (here)




During fashion week, my ‘dressing technique,’ if you will, is to dress like my everyday self…just kicked up a notch. I’ve spent one too many seasons prancing around, squirming and FREEZING in hyper-planned out outfits. And while I do put some thought in advance as to what I’m gonna be wearing, I make every effort not to peacock or overthink my outfits. I truly think a major part of great personal style comes from wearing pieces that you are comfortable in and that you know work for you, and continually building outfits out of them. For me, these pieces are bomber jackets, pencil skirts, distressed jeans and some form of headwear, be it a toque or baseball cap. Side note: This “yes” sweater is literally borrowed from the boys! If you have love for menswear like me, why not explore the men’s section next time you’re shopping?

sweatshirt: Forever 21 (here) jacket: Forever 21 (here) fishnet socks: American Apparel (here) bag: Triangl (similar here) beanie: Aldo (similar here)


D.I.Y. Black Candy Apples W/ Forever 21



One of my favourite treats in the entire sweet-o-sphere is without a doubt the delicious, magical, crunchy candy apple. I love them SO much that I don’t limit their consumption to carnival times…I eat them all year round. I definitely got this addiction from my pops – whenever I’d go to the mall, it was just routine for me to pick him up a candy apple from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. So when I was brainstorming a cool Halloween d.i.y to do with Forever 21 it hit me – yup, these would be the perfect Halloween treat – in black. Come on…oooobviously I had to do ‘em in black! They’re an awesome item to bring to a Halloween party because they’re so fun, and people think they are impossible to make (they’re totally not). So without further babbling on my part, here’s the recipe:

What You’ll Need:
2 cups sugar
3/4 cup water
1/2 cup corn syrup
1 tsp black food colouring
6 medium apples
3 sets of chopsticks
candy thermometer

Step-by-step instructions + more pics on the next page…

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