Experimentation is really fun – I can go out on a limb here and name it one of the most important practices in life. But sometimes, especially in fashion, sticking with what you know can be pretty good (and is what ultimately makes your style, your style.) The key to not being boring and repetitive is to make subtle switches in/with things you already wear. So to follow through with that in today’s outfit, I switched up my classic biker to this textured version and gave that whole “socks with shoes on purpose” thing a go for a cool and subtle spin on a classic “me” outfit.

jacket, here; mules, similar here; pencil skirt, here all Forever 21 top: Represent (here)


Yoga & Regeneration | Equinox




What better time to try something new than at the beginning of a new year, right? In order to achieve my fitness goals (read: Iggy booty and Riri thighs) for 2015 I’ve been working on getting into yoga. The mission is to be as limber as a noodle and as toned as Beyonce.

If you didn’t know, I’ve started an ambassadorship with Equinox and am thoroughly enjoying everything my beloved home-base/gym has to offer – especially the amazing instructors and spa-like facilities. (You can read my into post here if you haven’t already to get a bit more familiar with it and what I’m doing). As for my new yoga endeavour, the varied range of classes (Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Yin and Jock classes) for peeps at every fitness level should be proof enough that I’m well on my way to Beyonce territory….even if that means starting at super chill Hatha.

For more information on yoga at Equinox head on over to Equinox.com. The site has updated class schedules, info on the amenities, plus their very own blog called ‘Q’. P.s. While you’re there, make sure to check out Equinox’s 2015 Campaign by Rankin here!


What I’m Wearing:

Nike Pro Indy bra (here): Cooling Dri-FIT technology and a mesh T-back ensure that this lightweight, double-layer sports bra moves as fluidly (or not lolz) through a sequence as I do.

Nike Zoom Fit Agility shoes (here): Ultra-responsive cushioning make these great for my pre-class warmup. The squishy pods return energy to the foot, helping the body to move more efficiently and conserve energy.


Fresh Start


Welcome to my first post of 2015 – As you might know via my incessant blabbering across all of my social media channels, 2014 was a huge “growing up” year for me. For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you’ve heard a variation of this spiel already – but I feel it’s necessary to release a longer, more in depth version here for those of you that are actually interested in my life. This year I graduated university, moved out, went on a crazy Eurotrip (that you can relive here)…I hit some huge personal milestones and crossed quite a few things off my bucket list. Most notably, I decided to go with my gut and go down ‘the road less traveled’ – forgoing a traditional (and stable) 9-to-5 to freelance and see where life takes me. It’s been pretty incredible so far (which has a lot to do with support I’ve received from people like you) So again – I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for reading my blog, following me, and supporting what I do. Hope you stay along for 2015 – some pretty amazing things are in the works. Stay tuned ;)

backpack, (here) scarf, (here) turtleneck, (here) pants, (here); all Forever 21 boots: similar (here) coat: Theory (similar here)

And because I’m so obsessed with this (oxymoronic yet super chic) turtleneck dress…I’ll show you a laydown of one more way to wear it on the next page (!)

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Last Minute Xmas Gift Guide


Scrambling for last minute gift ideas (because you missed my Holiday Gift Guide?) I still got yo’ back. And if you can’t make it to the mall…there’s always next day shipping.


1. Bench Tinsly Beanie, here

2. Urban Outfitters Mule mug, here

3. Forever 21 Zip front faux leather backpack, here

4. Prospector Co. Burroughs Flame candle, here

5. Topshop Skull money bank, here


1. Bench Irvine Overhead Hoodie, here

2. Urban Outfitters Stainless steel flask, here

3. Forever 21 Faux leather backpack, here

4. Peary and Henson After shave, here

5. Marcelo Burlon iPhone 5 case, here


Green apple + lemongrass +mint + cucumber + kiwi juice

equinox-lemongrass-mint-apple-juiceTaking this opportunity to introduce a dope new project I’m working on with Equinox…Super pumped to announce that I’ve been named one of their Canadian ambassadors alongside two amazingly fit peeps: Christian of ChristianConfidential.com and Sasha of SoSasha.com. I’m really excited to be taking part in this because a.) I’ve always (attempted) to be ’bout that healthy lyfe and b.) Now my athletic-inspired aesthetic is not a complete fraud. Heh.

Fun Facts about Equinox:

  • A luxury fitness brand with locations in major U.S. Cities + the U.K., it opened its doors to its first T.O. location back in 2013 on Bay St.
  • The super-sleek, luxe space is fully equipped with top-of-the-line equipment and yoga/pilate/practice rooms, a boxing gym, master trainers and cardio machines that you never have to wait for
  • It’s home to a full service food and juice bar, where you can get pre/post-workout juices and snacks and nutritious made-to-order meals. More about that here

I’ve been telling people that going for a work out here is an experience, not a chore. You have your sesh, you go to the steam room+sauna, refuel with your choice of their delicious offerings. Even showering is luxurious (Equinox supplies Kiehl’s products for members). You feel completely amazing after…I finally understand how people get “addicted” to the gym. I can’t wait to start showing you guys results (a.k.a my soon-to-be Iggy Booty)!!! Hope you follow along on my ~journey of health~! Each month I’ll be posting about a different focus – this months is nutrition & regeneration, so I’ve decided to share a great Vietnamese-inspired juice recipe I found on Q Blog with some personal tweaks. Check it out below.

  • 2 green apples
  • 2 kiwis
  • 1 stalk lemongrass
  • 1/2 lemon
  • 1/2 lime
  • 1/2 cucumber
  • bunch of mint

The original recipe + 5 more delicious ones here

More about the juice bar/cafe at Equinox on the next page

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D.I.Y Minimal Xmas Balls


During peak holidays of kitsch (like Christmas), it’s easy to get carried away with decorations that are aesthetically questionable…like waving Santas (which happen to also be creepy), candy cane shaped anythings, and glittery red and green everythings. But what about those of us that just want to have a ~minimalist~ ol’ time?! I’m not sure I can help with your families’ choice in multicoloured Christmas lights, but Forever 21 and I can show you how to make some seriously cool (and simple!) minimal ornaments for your tree.


  • plain glass balls (I got mine at a craft store)
  • tinsel
  • glittery leaves, balls, etc. (I went to the floral/seasonal section in Dollarama)
  • glitter glue or glitter nail polish

STEP 1: Remove tops from glass balls.

STEP 2: Insert tinsel, leaves, and whatever else you picked up into the opening of the balls. Try pouring some nail polish/glitter glue into the opening and rotating the ball around for a cool pattern. I stuck to all silver because I think it’s ~visually effective~ but you can definitely mix colours. You can make them all the same or all different…Experiment! Get creative! The world (or these balls) are your oyster.

STEP 3: Replace the tops when you’re done, then hang ‘em up!

BTW - this is the sweater I’m wearing in the post!


Holiday Gift Guide 2014


Holiday shopping can seem extremely daunting, not to mention stressful with a capital S. So I’ve put together a list of a few of my favourite things in an effort to make your holiday gift-shopping a bit easier…items I personally would be thrilled to receive and believe would be the same story for others. Most of them are under $50, with a few luxe splurges in there for those “extra-special” people.

Where-to-buy links on the next page

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How 2 Holiday x Forever 21 Contest




  Holiday dressing for me is kinda complicated…I like to dress like a boy and pretty much despise anything that isn’t black, grey, oversized, cropped and/or ripped. Now while that might sound like it would leave me out of most *holiday appropriate* outfits, I decided to go a quest to find the perfect Holiday ensemble that is comfy enough to wear through an 8 course Italian dinner but dressy and cool enough to impress….uh, my aunt? Lolz ok, no one really cares about fashion in my family but that’s ok.

Honestly, I rarely even wear jewellery, but I figure it’s either go big or go home at this time of the year with it. I’ve loved the look of a stacked-up necklace ever since miss Dylan Lex popped out and took the Instasphere by storm, and paired with a slightly boy-ish blazer and distressed denim it’s just the right amount of sparkle to dress up the look. I finished the look with pointy-toe, patent oxfords…one of those ingenious inventions that significantly dress up a look without being heels. Win.

blazer: here jeans: here necklace: here shoes: here t-shirt: here sunglasses: similar here, all Forever 21 

 Contest details + info about the holiday campaign on the next page!

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Le Sequin


So, it’s the third month in on the project I’ve been working on with Smart Set called #smartset1P10S…and if you haven’t already seen my other posts about it yet, here’s the run-down – they’ve selected 10 bloggers (including lil’ ol me *angel emoji* *salsa dancer emoji*) and asked that they put their personal styling stamp on Smart Set’s pre-chosen “piece of the month”. And I gotta say…what a pandora’s box of styling options it opens up each time! Seeing a bunch of different girls, varying ages and styles, style the same garment is honestly kind of amazing. So far I’ve seen the other ladies put together looks I never would have thought of and just fully WERK them. It’s super inspiring and has opened my eyes to styling options unbeknownst to me and my current repertoire…not to mention bringing myself out of my own “fashion shell” (which I blubbered on about last month).

But yeah…back to this month’s piece – this time around it was a black sequin blazer, and much like last month’s tulle number, I was moderately intimidated. Because, well, sequins should be slightly intimidating for a minimal-inclined gal such as I, right? Apparently not. As soon as I slid my arm into the blazer, a look from YSL Spring 2013 (that was somehow sticking around in my subconscious) came to mind and I knew I had to recreate it. The whole vibe of the show – monochromatic blazers and button-ups topped off with wide brimmed fedoras – was just so major…it was really all that I could channel. I think my interpretation of the look turned out really cool and totally captured the vibe with Smartset’s fedora, button up, and of course the blazer itself! Which is by the way in stores now if you want to shop it. Oh, and in case you were wondering…the “tie” is a belt from a silk housecoat ;)

p.s. You can see the last couple month’s challenges here and here 

More photos + outfit details on the next page
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Camel Crop






Forever 21 pants (similar here), top (similar here), shoes (similar here)

Simple and sleek is the name of the game. Probably my favourite type of outfit to wear out and definitely the most comfy, leather joggers are actually a heaven-sent article of clothing…anti-constrictive, insanely versatile, and make any outfit look 10x cooler. Thanks Yeezy. ALSO: Crop tops are a year-round staple. Heh. I’ll stop when I’m 25, 26 max…promise.