World Mastercard Fashion Week Fall 2015 Highlights

Another Toronto Fashion Week has come and gone here in the 6ix side. Mackage continues to shut down the outerwear game, Mikhael Kale wows with some seriously incredible detail, and Hilary MacMillan came through with her best collection yet. Here are some of my personal highlights + looks from the week.

MIKHAEL KALEmikhael-kale-fall2015

Okay, I’ll admit this wasn’t the most cohesive collection (most of the burgundy and black leather looks were out of place)…but it did have that undeniable “wow-factor,” and was also incredibly visually stimulating. I love Kale for consistently offering pieces that are imaginative, creative and masterfully executed. See the rest of the collection here.


Props to Eran Elfassy and Elisa Dahan for creating gorgeous, desirable outerwear season after season after season. I’ll admit –  I was worried they’d start to run out of ideas/and or get repetitive, but I think they’ve proven themselves enough to believe that that’s never going to happen. Now, let’s talk about this grey fuzzy jacket. I seldom see something on the runway that 1. Is perfect in every way and 2. I plan to buy (mostly because of price but also because #casuallife and also #bloblyfe) but this jacket was one of them. I WILL get my hands on it. See the rest of the collection here.

HILARY MACMILLANhilary-macmillan

It was nice to see Hilary take a turn for the edgy and streamline her looks. Having started her brand back in 2012, it’s cool watching her evolve right from the beginning. This was without a doubt her strongest collection yet.  Oh, and those leather culottes were everything. See the rest of the collection here.

photos: George Pimentel / Getty Images




It’s Fashion Week in Toronto! Yay for catching colds, missing meals and getting blisters! HA! Aside from that…It’s actually one of my favourite times of the year. I love supporting homegrown talent (speaking of homegrown talent, how good is this Soia & Kyo coat?) and I love seeing all my ~fashun~ people throw it down in the outfit department. Oh – and can’t forget the parties! So here we are at day 4 already…this is what I’m wearing today. Please excuse the drips on my bag and wet rat hair (lol) as it was raining when I shot these photos :’(


Soia & Kyo Marguerite cocoon coat (here), Forever 21 culottes (similar here), Alexander Wang heels (sold out) Givenchy Antigona bag (here)


Skinny Jeans

smartset-skinny-jeans-1smartset-skinny-jeans-streetstyle-4smartset-skinny-jeans-backpack-streetstyle-2smartset-skinny-jeans-streetstyle-6It’s the fifth and final round of the project I’ve been working on with Smart Set called #smartset1P10S…and I’m guessing by now if you’ve already seen my other posts about it. If you haven’t – you can read more about it + see my other posts about it here. This time around, us 10 bloggers were asked to style Smart Set’s “piece of the month” – which this month was….Duh duh duh…skinny jeans (which, by the way, are in store right now if you want to shop them)!

I must admit – some of the pieces from previous month’s really tested me (Tulle! Kimonos!) This time around I was more in my comfort zone. And as much as I was super relieved to be able to style something familiar, I realized that I was also kind of missing that part of wearing something I’ve never worn before. Over the years, I’ve realized that 9 times out of 10, stepping out of your comfort zone pays off. Here’s a lame little ~life anecdote~. I was deathly scared of roller coasters til’ about 11, when my dad somehow convinced me to go on one…and I LOVED it. Okay, that’s kind of a juvenile example, but that’s really when I realized stepping out of your comfort zone pays off. That, and traveling.

Graduating school and deciding to move out and pursue a non-stable path of freelancing has been scary to say the least. Probably the single best example of pushing myself to date, I also literally just watched one of my best friends do the same on an even grander scale. She chose between keeping a stable, extremely high-paying job, and leaving it to follow her personal dreams. But you know what…I know she made the right decision. It’s true – complacency kills. Take the scarier, less promising road. I can almost guarantee that you’ll be glad you did in the end.

top, here jacket, here, backpack, here, jeans, here
all Smartset, Zara boots, here

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Equinox | Boxing

While chill yoga sessions tend to be my go-to, over the past little while I’ve been making an effort to try out more of Equinox‘s vast range of classes. Designed to get you moving no matter your fitness level, their group classes go from 0 to 100 REAL quick. There’s awesome variations of everything from Barre, Conditioning, Pilates, Cycling, etc; not to mention signature classes like Stacked and MetCon3. I, however, decided to go all the way to 100 (cuz’ why not?) and get into their notoriously high intensity boxing class lead by Nathan Bower. A former competitive fighter and 4-time provincial champion, Nathan pushes everyone in his class to the limit – helping hone their blocking, punching and jabbing skills while increasing endurance and stamina. The class takes no prisoners – you’re lunging, punching, burpee-ing, rotating, skipping, crunching, and punching for an hour straight. My favourite part is the 10-15 minutes of “Bag Work” where you get to take out all frustrations on the punching bag. And while the class is intense, you feel absolutely amazing after completing it. I have to mention, it’s quickly realized (meaning you’ll wake up the next morning aching all over) how much of a full-body workout boxing is…But hey, no pain no gain, right? p.s. I’ll be incorporating this into my regular fitness routine, so don’t get on my bad side. :)


Nike Epic Luxe Printed Running Capris, (hereNike Air Max 2015, (hereNike Pro Classic Sports Bra, (here)



There’s something to be said for pairing “for the gym” pieces with tailored separates. The whole ‘sports luxe’ trend that came in like fire so many seasons ago resonated with me (and many others, me thinks) so much that I’ve permanently incorporated it into my personal style. Straight up cool and functional = win.

bag: Lacoste (here) coat: Theory (sold out, similar here) shoes: Nike (here) skirt: Boohoo (similar here) sweater: H&M (here)


Maxin’ Relaxin’


Had to stop and take a minute from the whirlwind that’s been the last couple of weeks. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that I turned the ripe old age of 23 last Thursday. On top of all the birthday madness, I’ve kinda been going through some emotional turmoil for the last little while. On the flip side, I’m feeling like things have finally started to settle down and come together in that sense – not to mention that I FINALLY have furniture in my condo (stay tuned for the home tour), and I’ve FINALLY found a haircare line that makes my coif behave the way I want it to. And yes, hair is an important life issue in case you were wondering. I’ve just started using the Kérastase Volumifique line and I’m pretty crazy about the results so far – my hair is usually super flat and lifeless, and it gives me significant volume without feeling gritty. I’ve spent too long using rat-tail teasing techniques that damage my hair and products that make my hair feel disgusting, so this is quite an amazing revelation for me. Get a load of dat volume above! Magical. p.s. You can check out the exact products I’m using here!

top: Velvet Kimono (here - use code VANESSACESARIO20 for 20% off!) pants: Thrifted (similar here)


Contest | “Truth” or “EquinoxMadeMeDoIt”


Exciting contest alert! This month, Equinox is inviting you to with them play along in their updated version of Truth or Dare. Aptly titled “Truth or #EquinoxMadeMeDoIt”, this ain’t your typical “repost this” social media contest. It’s interactive – and will push you to reach outside your comfort zone. By accepting one of the brand’s weekly challenges, you’ll have the chance to win a different gift every week (like custom Beats By Dre headphones & custom Nike ID’s) in addition to 2 (halleluljah!) all-access Equinox memberships to one overall “Truth” winner and one overall “#EquinoxMadeMeDoIt” winner (that will be awarded at the end of the contest.)


- Follow @Equinox on Instagram to stay updated on the upcoming challenges and winners (this is the only account you need to follow to be eligible to play).

- The “Truth” and “EMMDI” challenges both have their own dedicated Instagram accounts (@EQX_Truth and @ESQ_EMMDI) and respective challenges. Simply decide which challenge you want to take on and get going (following these two accounts are NOT mandatory).

Each Wednesday a new challenge will be announced, with the weekly winners being announced the following Tuesday. Grand prize winners will be announced on March 25th, 2015. Check out the “truth” and “EEMDI” challenges for week one here and here and stayed tuned to upcoming challenges via Instagram.



Good Day Hair Shop


Having just moved downtown this August, I was uprooted from my regular salon and never really had the chance to find a new “hair home”. So after I’d heard some great things about Good Day Hairshop in Kensington Market, (and creeped/obsessed over their super-cool Instagram account) I was dying to go check them out.

Good Day is quickly building a reputation for being the go-to for street style-influenced hair – with friendly, cool staff and an affordable price point. Co-owned by Tegan Mierle and Jonathon Burford, who both have backgrounds in tech and fashion, it’s easy to understand why they’re taking off in real life and URL life.

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A Day In The “Fit Life” | Equinox


Fun fact about me: I struggled with my weight for a large portion of my life. I was a chunky kid, who finally lost my baby weight when I got braces. When that weight started melting off, I became addicted to being skinny and soon after developed an unhealthy obsession with counting calories. I was probably borderline anorexic for a while. Flash forward to high school. I was at a healthy weight for the first little while…then I started doing dumb teenager things (treating my body like a human garbage disposal) like eating McDonald’s almost everyday. I went from 113 pounds to 140 in the span of a couple years. I was never “fat” and still had a good body shape and everything, but I felt gross.

When some brain cells returned to me upon entering university, I started to make changes. I brought healthy lunches instead of buying food, started exercising, etc. After a brief stint doing some modelling, I started to get obsessed with food and being skinny all over again, and got myself down to the same weight I was at in grade 9 (when I was 2 inches shorter than I am now-scary). After I realized I was over starving myself, I started to develop that whole “my body is a temple” mentality. I stopped eating meat and majorly cut down on anything processed, and arrived at my my current weight which, because I don’t weigh myself, estimate to be between 117-120 pounds.

I’m not a fitness goddess that spends every single day in the gym and doesn’t eat white carbs – but I would consider myself to have a healthy lifestyle. I look to food for nourishment and working out to strengthen my body and mind. And I must say…Equinox has had an enormous part in making working out enjoyable for me.

phone case: Felony Case (here) shoes: Nike (here) bra: Nike (here) shorts: Forever 21 (here)

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Lust List: February 2015 Edition


This month’s needs and wants.

1. Nike Air Force 1, $89.99 at Foot Locker

2. Aeryn Shein 1 Circle Point Diamond Ring, $220 at Steven Alan

3. Alexander Wang Prisma Mouse Pad, $70 on

4. Byredo Parfums Gypsy Water Eau de parfum, $145 at Net-a-Porter

5. Alexander Wang Printed Stretch-Crepe Mini Dress, $750 on Net-a-Porter

6. The Beverly Hills Hotel Signature Bathrobe, $130 on

7. Georges Marciano Horn-Rim Glasses, $34.95 at