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Sometimes (SOMETIMES) I like to take a break from black, especially in summer. If you saw the home tour post I did not too long ago, you know I have a thing for a black/white/jade green colour palette for the home. And while jade green is not a colour I own much of in the clothing department, I guess that’s what drew me to this palm print tank…it’s somehow bold, yet minimal (if that’s not an oxymoron?), and super wearable and clean. Let’s call this the second instalment of my ~foray into prints~ LOL.

top: Forever 21 (here) skirt: Forever 21 (here) shoes: Le Chateau (here)


Maybe She’s Born With It (Lol Not)

I am by no means a makeup expert. But I am someone who’s been wearing makeup for about 10 years AND have a best friend that is a super talented makeup artist…so I think that counts for something, right? I may not be able to do a crazy peacock eye (nor would I want do) but I can manage a pretty decent “kicked up” natural face…a.k.a winged liner and nude lips. Keep reading to see how to I do it – in gif form, for your viewing ~pleasure~.

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Check Me




Don’t get me wrong – I deeply enjoy a good cray busy, Givenchy FW 2011-esque print…but when it comes to stuff I actually reach for in my closet, minimal prints reign supreme. I know the term minimal print may seem like somewhat of an idiom, but this American Apparel “The Grid Print Lolita Crop” proves otherwise. It’s on heavy rotation along with these culottes (in all of their man-repelling glory), which render what is probably my favourite bottom silhouette as of now.

culottes: Forever 21 (similar here) shoes: Forever 21 top: American Apparel (here) watch: Daniel Wellington (here - get 15% off with discount code “brunettesalad”) cap: H&M


Spain/France Diary

lasramblasWhere do I even begin to explain this trip? It was super gruelling (8 cities in 14 days) but just as equally refreshing. It was a “just-graduated-university-eurotrip” trip, it was an “I’m only young once” trip, it might even have been a ~finding myself~ trip. Ok sorry, I’m being slightly dramatic…but it did change my perspective about a lot of things. It made me realize that I am living totally WRONG.

I mean, I’ve been to Italy before and learned of the “slowed-down, European way of living” there, but this time it really hit home. I think here in North America especially we forget to just enjoy life for what it is - we’re too busy on our phones, grabbing gross fast food/coffee to go and stressing about money/status/jobs and essentially everything else and get caught up in the ol’ rat race. Growing up Italian, dinner was always a grand production and wasn’t to be messed with. But as I got older and more busy, it became one of my last priorities. This trip made me remember that the simple pleasures are really what life is all about: spending time with friends, eating good food, drinking good wine, enjoying art and beauty. I think one of my favourite things about Europe is that fast food is literally non-existent. Food is a pleasure, meals a vital part of the day. If you want to have a coffee, you have to sit down and have a coffee. Coffee a.k.a espresso (not the drip watered down merde we’re used to) is made the right way. There are no drive-thrus. Everything is done the right way. While I don’t think siestas are possible here, I’ve absorbed as much of the ~Euro-mentality~ as I can. I really think it changed me as a person – did I mention I like olives now? LOL. Now I’m going to end this thought with a corny quote because I feel like it is relevant (sorry). “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.”

Highlights: Experiencing the most incredible nighttime view of the Cote d’Azur from a top a “secret” mountain spot thanks to some cool local guys from Nice, a breakfast made by our Air BnB host that included homemade crepes and jam and fresh-from-the-bakery croissants, meeting BryanBoy walking down the street in Paris, watching a French Montana concert beside the Eiffel Tower, buying my dream bag (a Givenchy Antigona) from the Avenue Montaigne, biking around Mallorca, getting a lipstick custom engraved at the Guerlain flagship store on the Champs-Élysées…and places: La Boqueria Market in Barcelona, Frioul Island off of Marseille, Vinçon in Barcelona, Colette in Paris, Quimet y Quimet in Barcelona (a legendary tapas bar noted as one of Anthony Bourdain’s favourite restaurants in the world), and La Comisaria in Valencia (one of the top 3 best meals I’ve ever had in my life) and the antique market in Montmartre, Paris.

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obey-sweater-nike-roshe copy


Hi guys – quick post before I embark on what’s sure to be a pretty insane trip to France & Spain with my good friend Caroline. We’ve been planning this trip for months and it seems almost surreal that it’s finally time to take off. I’m feeling like the older I get, the faster time goes by…it kinda freaks me out to be honest.

Side note, I bought Roshe runs…I had wanted to do Nike ID and get an all white pair with a black checkmark, but unfortunately we get shafted here in Canada with shipping (what else is new) so I settled for the black and white. The Obey sweater is actually mens, and it is my favourite thing right now. So comfy, and I particularly like the bold red writing. I have a special place in my heart for sans serif fonts (I realize that makes me sound pathetic…LOL) especially when they are plastered against my torso all loud and bold. It’s kinda like subconsciously telling everyone, “Obey me bish!”

Au revoir / adios y’all! 

*I won’t be updating here for a couple weeks while I’m away, but I will be posting on Instagram, so follow along there! (@vanessacesario_)

sweater: Obey (here) shoes: Nike (here) pants: H&M (similar here)


Summer Uniform

details-ripped-jeansripped-jeans-street-style-2ripped-boyfriend-jeans-4-backripped-jeans-streetstyle-3Summer. When school and nearly unliveable frigid days are finally behind us. When all there is to do is enjoy life – drink, eat, party, dance, brunch, swim, laugh, explore…make memories. This summer is especially meaningful to me because, as you may know, I just completed my degree in Media Studies. It’s the first time in…17? 18? years I will NOT be going back to school in September. Sh*ts getting real. I will be starting my life soon. Getting a real, full-time job, and hopefully soon enough, my own place. Quite frankly, it scares the living hell out of commitment-phobe me. But as of now, I still have 3 months to live it up and just absorb everything I can out of this blissful time off being ~free as a bird~. How am I going to dress in this relaxed, “off duty” period of time, you ask (or not lols)? Well, I’m a pretty low maintenance person/lazy person to begin with. This comes out in the summer especially. I rarely wear makeup or do much to my hair when it’s hot outside, and I certainly don’t wear anything uncomfortable. Some type of loose denim bottom, a simple crop top or tee and some comfy, well-ventilated sandals (or the “fugly” slide for this particular season). My summer uniform for as long as I can remember, and what I believe is the best uniform for actually enjoying the summer.

jeans: Forever 21 (similar here) bag: Forever 21 (here) top: Forever 21 (here) sunglasses: Forever 21 (here) slides: Nelly (here)