Rose Gold Tho


I’m sick. SICK. AND TIRED. Why, you ask? Well…many reasons. But one of them is because I’ve spent over 2 decades of wearing costume jewellery that turns black/green after a few wears. As I’m getting older and my aesthetic has pretty much matured, I’ve come to realize that I know what I like – and it makes so much more sense to invest in pieces I KNOW that I’ll get tons of wear out of rather than waste money on fast fashion anything. I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s infinitely better to spend some significant moolah on a high quality, signature piece of jewellery that can be worn all the time rather than get tempted by garbage costume jewellery that needs to be replaced once a month. A piece I personally love is a simple diamond band. This one pictured, by Michael Hill, is done in rose gold for a little modern twist – and features a row of genuine diamonds for some minimal sparkle. So ladies, my final thought is: DO NOT think twice about dropping some dough on a simple jewellery piece that you know you love and will wear daily. It will be worth it. Diamonds + gold don’t go down in value. Oh, and DEFINITELY do not wait for a guy to buy jewellery for you! We’re in 2015, darling 😉

Michael Hill Rose Gold + Diamond Ring, here


Miami Photo Diary


Sometimes you just need to get away. I wouldn’t call it ‘escaping’ like some people do…something more along the lines of a temporary hiatus of everyday life. It’s been a strange/crazy/wonderful year for me so far, and I’m beyond grateful to be busy. But I truly think taking a mini-hiatus as often as possible (to a place more exciting/different) does wonders for the soul and is super-necessary. It just makes you realize that there’s so much out there in the world. As much as I love Toronto, it’s way too small sometimes. It’s easy to get wrapped up in stuff that doesn’t necessarily feed your soul. A quick little jaunt to Miami with Christian, who I’ve been working closely with (and growing both professionally and personally with) was just what the doctor ordered.

Places: Thompson Miami Beach (where we stayed), Soho House Miami Beach, The WebsterBodega South Beach (go for the tacos, stay for the amazing music and vibes), Yardbird Southern Table & BarCecconi’s (the kale+provolone pizza and hazelnut ice cream profiteroles are musts), Havana 1957, and obviously – Liv & E11even for some late night fun 😉


WMCFW Diary: Getting #RedkenReady with Redken

Snapseed (2)Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 6.29.19 PMphoto: Luis Mora

As much as I enjoy my signature coif (an asymmetric lob with front bangs if ya didn’t know) sometimes it’s fun to switch things up, right? This fashion week, I decided it would be cool to kick up my hair situation a quite a few notches with the help of Redken. Their amazing team and products (like Guts10!) are a mainstay at the tents, and both are behind some of the most memorable runway looks that get sent down the WMCFW runway. So, this season, I teamed up with them to document some of the coolest ones they created by rocking them myself! We did everything from middle-parted, textured and bangless à la Lucian Matis to Mikhael Kale‘s super wet-look slicked bun. If you follow me on Instagram you might have peeped some of the looks already – but either way, keep reading for some extra behind-the-scenes snaps!

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Grey Matter


Another fashion week is here, and it’s so crazy – I vividly remember the first time I attended almost 4 years ago. It feels like yesterday. This will be my 8th season, and on top of that, I just realized that it’s been 3 years since I’ve had my blog. Kinda wild when you stop to think about how fast time flies. I hate to sound like one of those annoying cliché bloggers, but seriously, I’m so grateful to be able to do what I do. I just hit 20k on Instagram not too long ago, so while I’m being all ~emotive~, I want to take this chance to say a big thank you for supporting me – it truly means alot. Ok…done with the mushiness now. So this is what I wore to the tents yesterday: this dreamy, fluffy Mackage jacket (that I fell in love with on the runway last season) paired with some Cos dungarees. #All #grey #errthang

coat: Mackage overalls: Cos (here) top: Cos (here) boots: Zara (similar here)


Fashion Week Essentials


With World Mastercard Fashion Week coming up here in Toronto this Monday, I thought I’d share some of the stuff that gets me through this crazy yet fun time. Here’s the stuff I can’t live without during #WMCFW:

  • My macbook, iPhone (case by Felony Case) & camera
  • shades
  • my Moleskine + extra notebooks to jot info/ideas down
  • business cards + a cute cardholder (this one’s by Fitzy Design)
  • Racinne Ultra Blanc Brightening Masque (here)
  • Lush liquid liner (here)
  • Tom Ford Illuminating primer (here)
  • Nars Radiant creamy concealer (here)
  • Givenchy Le Rouge lipstick in Grenat Initié (here)
  • Giorgio Armani mascara (here)
  • a portable cellphone charger
  • Vitaly rings
  • and of course tons of water and COFFEE!!!


Well, that was quick and painful. Summer is officially over – so quickly that when I shot this, it was still blissfully warm and sunshine-ey (nothing close to the double-sweater-weather that’s now upon us a little over a week later. It’s also crazy that almost exactly a month ago I was in Panama (you can read more about that trip here), and directly before that, New York. If you follow me on Instagram, you might have caught that I was there…even though I was pretty slack with posting. I love that every time I visit NYC I have a completely different experience…I’m honestly just so enthralled by the place. It’s seriously my favourite city in the world. This time around I spent a lot of time in Brooklyn hanging with the good people from Street Dreams, and I also got to connect with the team from one of my favourite Canadian brands, Oak + Fort (just as they launched their first U.S. store in Soho!) Mal, their beyond lovely creative lead, blessed me with some pieces, one of which was this striped top. I’ve had the matching culottes for months, so hey – why not go all the way right?

top & bottoms; both Oak & Fort, watch; Daniel Wellington (here) shoes; Zara (similar here) sunglasses; Balenciaga


Travel Diary: Panama


I’m one of those people that gets an idea in my mind and never really forgets about it til’ I’ve done it. Now I’d heard quite a few people talk about how great Panama is (It’s a city! It’s tropical! It’s not Miami!) and I’ve had it sticky-noted in my brain as a potential spot to visit for a while now. So when me and my girlfriend Giulia decided we needed a vacation, I went ahead and suggested Panama – and she was 100% down. Three weeks later and off we went – Panama City for a few days, then flying to the secluded island of Bocas Del Toro for a few more. This wonderful country really exceeded my expectations in so many ways – practically everyone we met was a transplant from another country who fell in love with the place and moved there, so that should say something. One of these transplants was old friend of Giulia’s from highschool, who now lives in Panama half the year – he showed us around and took us to all the hotspots, which is in my opinion priceless when traveling (thanks Malakai!). There were too many highlights to count, but a few worth noting definitely be our entire surreal stay at Red Frog Beach Resort, waking up to breakfast at The Hard Rock Megopolis after a long night of partying, exploring the old city of Casco Viejo, and seeing wild dolphins (not once but twice!).

Favourite spots + images from the trip below

Places: Tantalo Hotel/Kitchen/Roofbar (basically like Panama City’s version of The Drake Hotel, Casa Blanca Restaurante, Polo Beach, Leaf Eater’s Cafe (the cutest vegan spot right on the water with incredible ginger iced tea), Isla Zapatilla, Bocas Lick It (two super cute girls/nutella oreo banana cheesecake popsicles!), Taqueria Mordida de Burro.
water-bocasred-frog-beachhill-polo-beach copycasco-viejo


Processed with VSCOcam with j2 presetbocas-beachSPINEcoconutceiling-tantalocasco-viejo-vanessa




E-Forwarding with Shipllama

So, as you might know if you follow me on Instagram, I just got back from a last minute trip to New York City. I absolutely love good ol’ Amurrrica, possibly (gasp!) more so than Canada. I mean, Canada is great in many ways, but I can tell you this much for sure (and I’m sure everyone would agree) – we are seriously lacking in the whole online shopping/shipping department. We TOTALLY get the short end of the stick on this front. I basically just accepted my fate until recently, when I started furniture shopping for my condo. Furniture shopping for someone like me is ridiculously time-consuming – I’m literally O.C.D, and when I have a vision of something looking a certain way, I won’t rest ‘til it’s complete. Not being able to find the pieces I wanted in stores was beyond frustrating, and when I ventured online, 95% of retailers didn’t ship to Canada. So it was so awesome when Shipllama, a Canadian e-Forwarding service reached out to me (at literally the perfect time!). Thanks to them, I finally got a headboard I had been relentlessly trolling for months on various U.S. based websites. Here’s a bit about them/what they do and my experience using their service:

First off, this is how Shipllama works in a nutshell… After you sign up with them, they’ll give you the address of their shipping facility in the U.S. – this is the address you’ll use as your ‘ship to’ address to order whatever item you’re planning to buy. Once the item is ordered, you put the order deets into the Shipllama website and input the actual Canadian address you want your item shipped to. You’ll receive an e-mail of the total costs including shipping price and all duties and taxes for your approval – so you won’t receive any surprise costs at your door. It’s quite simple and they’ll take care of the rest! Shipllama is great because it caters to us Canadian online shoppers who find great deals or items you would like to purchase from U.S. retailers, but can’t buy them because either a) The shipping price to Canada is ridiculous, or b) They don’t even offer shipping to Canada in the first place. Whatever the issue, they have you covered either way. I ordered my headboard from a New York based furniture site, AGModern, and it was literally shipped to my door 5 days after arriving at Shipllama’s American warehouse. I also love that a real live person called me to make sure my concierge would be around to accept the delivery.

Overall, I’m super happy with my experience and will definitely be using it again. And as a special treat – Shipllama is offering my followers 10% off their e-Forwarding shipping with the promo code ‘BRUNETTE‘ so you guys can try it out too!



Not trying to toot my own horn here…but seriously, dressing in head-to-toe black is an art. It can get real boring + real blobby REAL QUICK. People often comment on this so-called “keeping monochrome interesting” talent of mine…and honestly, the formula is quite simple. So here it is: If you throw a semi-artful mix of textures/fabrics and some interesting cuts together, you eliminate the chance of looking like a boring black blob. Here I chose to use mesh as my interesting fabric, if you will, and the diagonal lines of this skort my interesting cut. Paired with some cutout booties, this outfit has enough kick to make people look twice but still allows pigment-phobes to relish in all their anti-colour glory.

shoes: Tony Bianco (similar here) skort: Forever 21 (sold out, similar here) top: Minkpink (sold out, similar here)