Fun fact about me: I struggled with my weight for a large portion of my life. I was a chunky kid, who finally lost my baby weight when I got braces. When that weight started melting off, I became addicted to being skinny and soon after developed an unhealthy obsession with counting calories. I was probably borderline anorexic for a while. Flash forward to high school. I was at a healthy weight for the first little while…then I started doing dumb teenager things (treating my body like a human garbage disposal) like eating McDonald’s almost everyday. I went from 113 pounds to 140 in the span of a couple years. I was never “fat” and still had a good body shape and everything, but I felt gross.

When some brain cells returned to me upon entering university, I started to make changes. I brought healthy lunches instead of buying food, started exercising, etc. After a brief stint doing some modelling, I started to get obsessed with food and being skinny all over again, and got myself down to the same weight I was at in grade 9 (when I was 2 inches shorter than I am now-scary). After I realized I was over starving myself, I started to develop that whole “my body is a temple” mentality. I stopped eating meat and majorly cut down on anything processed, and arrived at my my current weight which, because I don’t weigh myself, estimate to be between 117-120 pounds.

I’m not a fitness goddess that spends every single day in the gym and doesn’t eat white carbs – but I would consider myself to have a healthy lifestyle. I look to food for nourishment and working out to strengthen my body and mind. And I must say…Equinox has had an enormous part in making working out enjoyable for me.

phone case: Felony Case (here) shoes: Nike (here) bra: Nike (here) shorts: Forever 21 (here)


Going to the gym used to be a chore for me – it served one purpose, which was to burn calories. With Equinox it’s a different story. As I’ve said before, going there is an experience…for the body as well as the mind. I love to start off my day with a yoga class at noon – I like doing group glasses because they push me harder than I would push myself. And finishing with a nice steam/sauna/shower and my favourite “malted milkshake” protein smoothie + sweet potato beet and arugula salad, I leave feeling completely amazing.



Although I still have my vices (Sweets! Pizza! Chips!) I’d say I eat very well. I try to grocery shop in the perimeter of the store (and try not to eat things that are packaged). My mainstays: arugula, avocado, organic eggs, oatmeal, black beans, chickpeas, feta cheese, whole wheat roti, tofu, quinoa, coconut water, salmon, basa, shrimp, brown rice pasta, sweet potatoes, fresh-pressed juice and whatever other fruits and veg I’m feeling at the moment. I make all kinds of meal combinations with the above: from a Starbucks knockoff egg-spinach-feta wrap, to cajun basa, to mashed sweet potatoes…all served with my fav, a side of arugula salad.