This is my basic rainy day attire. A.k.a my uniform for the past little while, since it’s been raining in Toronto for the past month straight.  After having a couple of unpleasant episodes with rained-on hair, silk shirts in the rain, etc…one learns.  If you haven’t, I have some tips for dressing in the rain on the next page for you (plus more pics + outfit details).  YOU ARE WELCOME. (Bonquiqui voice)


1.  Hats are good.  I wear hats a lot, mainly because I am lazy and don’t like to style my hair.  They are great for rain because they shield your hair and face (at least partially) from the enemy, water.

2. Cover your shoulders.  Getting wet then going into air conditioning is a recipe for a cold.  And no one wants a cold.  Especially in summer.  A vest or little light anorak jacket you can remove ensures you aren’t sitting in wet clothes.

3. Booties > sandals. Did you read my last post on summer boots? Okay, so those probably aren’t the best for rain because of the cutouts, but wearing some ankle length, NON-SUEDE booties is your best footwear bet.

Happy torrential downpour dressing!



pants: H&M vest: Costa Blanca (similar here) tank: Zara bag: H&M (similar here) boots: Express (similar here) hat: H&M watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs