It’s the fourth “cycle” of the project I’ve been working on with Smart Set called #smartset1P10S…and if you haven’t already seen my other posts about it yet, here’s the 4-1-1 on it – 10 bloggers baes have been asked to put their personal spin on Smart Set’s pre-chosen “piece of the month”.When I saw this month’s piece, this cool kimono, my immediate first thoughts were, “Wow…I’d totally love to be wearing this on a beach somewhere tropical right now – with just a bikini under!” Then immediately started looking at last minute flights out of Canada. Sigh. Not trying to complain about life though. January, as cold and hellish as it’s been here in the 6ix, has also been crazy amazing for me. I’m starting to get settled into my new place, have some projects coming up that I’m stuuuupid excited about, and overall have just been really enjoying life.

But enough about me – let’s get to talking about ~fashun~ and the piece of the month. To be honest, I never would have thought to wear a kimono any other time than the spring/summer. But then I got to thinking, and realized that hey – part of the fun of clothing is wearing it in different ways! I loved the fringe on the kimono and wanted it to peek out and really pop. I layered it so that it almost appeared scarf-like, as well as to make this outfit winter-appropriate. So I layered. A lot. Skirt, shirt, kimono, sweater. And voila – the kimono is taken to winter territory! The kimono is in stores now if you want to shop it. And if you’re wearing it on the beach, I hate you. Just kidding. (…Please bring me with you).

cardigan: here shirt: here skirt: here kimono: here, all Smart Set

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