I can definitely say I haven’t experienced seeing one of Toronto’s coolest landmarks (not that we have more than 3 anyways) self-implode in my lifetime until now. I thought it would be only fitting to commemorate the occasion by – what else? – shooting there before it becomes but a ~memory. I also thought that this post would be a good ‘first post after new year’, because, you know – change, rebirth, etc. Things change. All good things usually do come to an end – BUT, that doesn’t necessarily better things won’t come along. (In this case it might be WalMart…but hey.) Also, orange is my new aesthetic in case you haven’t noticed lately lol.  R.I.P Honest Eds.

Fenty x Puma sneaker boot (here), vintage Champion sweater, Sweetpants cargos (here), Opening Ceremony x Alpha Industries bomber (here)

photos by: Duy Nguyen