Lust List: December 2013


Ahh, Christmastime.  Is there a better time for a Lust List?  It’s funny because I publish them, monthly, right at this very spot – yet still receive variations on socks/Lindor/Ferrero Rocher chocolates from my family every year.  Italians.  I’m grateful, it’s cool…*side eye* So let’s talk a little about this month’s list.  First up, Dylan Lex. I’ve been following her on Instagram for a while now.  Her style is actually incredible.  She finally released her handmade super-statement necklaces that are the star of her Instagram account, and of course they sold out in, like, 5 seconds flat.  As for the whole blue mohair coat situation – it spawned inside of me one day at (where other?) Zara.  I saw this one on the rack and was extremely drawn to it.  I picked it up to show my friend: “Hey, this is really cool eh!?” Her response: “Ew…no.  Granny.”  Slightly dejected, I decided the cut was probably a little too preppy for me, and that ultimately it maybe would be an impulse purchase.   Shortly after, I spotted Vanessa Hong of the Haute Pursuit in a dusty blue Theory number.  Ding Ding Ding!!!  We have a winner.  The sculpted lapel and belted waist added that little touch of masculine-chic that I needed.

Clockwise from top left:

MAISON MARTIN MARGIELA Cut-Out Sneaker, $1,011.15 on LaGarconne

DYLANLEX Bowie Necklace, $820 on

TRIANGL SWIMWEAR Jessy Nightfox Neoprene Bikini, $89 on

NIKE Roshe Runs, $69.99 on

THEYSKEN’S THEORY Ice Blue Wool Coat, $575 on SSENSE

RYAN STORER Oxidized silver-plated Swarovski crystal ear cuff, $855 on Net-a-Porter